So you’ve learned what makes Business Blueprint unique. Now it’s time to share with you the specific ingredients of the program:

Create Cashflow

If you’re constantly struggling with cashflow, you’ll know how exhausting that is. Worrying about money slowly grinds down your business confidence, spark and enthusiasm.

There is an antidote, however. At the Create Cashflow live conference, you’ll discover there are many quick and simple steps you can take to attract a steady and predictable flow of new leads into your business.

You’ll also learn about other powerful sources of revenue generation that add substantially to your bottom line.

The Create Cashflow live conference gives you cutting edge ideas about how to overcome cashflow problems and create a healthy bank balance. You’ll discover the latest breakthroughs in sales and marketing and identify how to attract more of your ideal clients – and potential joint venture partners – to your business.

Access these breakthrough ideas at the Create Cashflow event:

You’ll also learn about other powerful sources of revenue generation that add substantially to your bottom line.

  • The 7 reasons why you need a lead magnet in your business
  • How to choose and create the perfect lead magnet for your business to attract and convert more of your ideal customers
  • What is the lead funnel formula (and why it’s the single most effective way to scale your business) • Find the fastest way to generate revenue (and it’s not what you think)
  • The four questions you must ask to define and understand your ideal customers
  • How to develop an avatar of your ideal customer to sharpen your focus (and see 7 real life examples of how businesses use an avatar to target their marketing strategy)
  • Why landing pages are the secret to doubling or even tripling your conversion rate
  • Access a proven template for creating a winning landing page for your business
  • 8 fast ways to come up with a killer headline for your landing page
  • What is a nurture sequence, and why you must embed this in your business
  • How to build your nurture sequence to convert prospects into customers faster
  • Discover 30 types of emails that progress your prospects through the buying journey
  • Templates for your first series of autoresponder copy to help feed the sales funnel
  • Learn the 5 most effective ways to market your business
  • Why partnership marketing is the rocket fuel for your business
  • How selling ‘through’ instead of selling ‘to’ is the secret to amplifying cashflow
  • Where to find your ideal marketing partners – and the 7 best approaches to create a strong foundation for partnership success
  • The absolute musts to consider when striking a deal
  • 10 questions to ask a potential JV partner to get them excited about working with you
  • Why email marketing is still king – and 4 ways you can use it to grow your business
  • How to create an opt-in form, and where to position it on your website for maximum uptake
  • How you can use email marketing to boost your search engine results
  • How to plan your email mailout schedule 12 months in advance
  • Professional tips for boosting your email open rates
  • Optimise your profits by knowing the best time and frequency to send marketing emails

These are just some of the areas we’ll cover in the Create Cashflow event.

At its conclusion, you’ll walk away with an action plan to drive more revenue – making cashflow problems a thing of the past.