So you’ve learned what makes Business Blueprint unique. Now it’s time to share with you the specific ingredients of the program:

Simple Systems

Many business owners feel stressed and sapped by the relentless demands of running their business. Oftentimes, this is because their business is structured in a way that makes it completely dependent on the owner’s constant involvement.

If this sounds like you, you’ll recognise the related problems that come with this. The difficulty in switching off. The feeling of never having enough free time for yourself. And of not being able to recharge because taking decent holidays on a regular basis seems like a pipe dream.

The underlying cause in most cases is that the business fails to have adequate systems in place. This means that the knowledge of how to do things is inside the business owner’s head, or known primarily by other key personnel. This is very risky – as all it takes for the business to falter is for that person to be absent, or worse – in the case of an employee – exit the business altogether.

With Business Blueprint, you’ll discover an abundance of ready-made, simple systems you can implement quickly. Each will help you boost efficiency in your business, and create a greater consistency in the quality of how you do things. Even better, these systems will instantly loosen the stranglehold your business has on you personally, creating more time and freedom for you.

And please note, our approach has nothing to do with old school policies and procedures manuals. The systems you’ll learn about use the latest online tools and technologies to make it fast and easy to embed highly productive systems in your business.

Here’s a sample of what’s covered:

With Business Blueprint You’ll Discover an abundance of ready-made, simple systems that you can implement quickly.

  • How to get into the systems mindset and break down any notion that your business can’t be systemised
  • Three proven strategies that help you unpack what you know and identify the ingredients you must incorporate
  • The best software tools to map out what you do into a structured, logical system
  • A checklist of over 105 pre-built systems you can integrate into your business straight away (or adapt to suit your particular way of working)
  • The most powerful online platform you can use to store and manage your systems – and the simple steps it takes to set up your own account
  • A live example of the platform at work – and how you can set up systems to support operations in each of your departments
  • How to give your system a professional look that’s consistent with your brand
  • The best layout to use to make your system coherent, integrated and complete
  • How to embed audio, photos and videos into your systems to make it easier for your staff to follow and apply what they learn
  • How to quickly create and capture short training videos
  • The best microphone to use to ensure your video has a high quality audio
  • How to keep each part of your system visible only to the people in your business to which it’s relevant – and why this matters
  • The difference between linear and variable systems – and why you need to understand both
  • The three main symbols used to create process maps and flow charts
  • How to identify any risks attached to certain tasks, and how to eliminate these in your systems
  • How you can save $10K by getting rid of your in-house server and moving your business to the cloud
  • How to make the most of Google’s amazing suite of business products – including Google Mail, Drive, Docs and Hangouts
  • Why task management software is essential to your business – and how it gives you greater visibility about the status of key operations, and strengthens internal quality and efficiency
  • The 5 most popular systems and why they’re critical to your success
  • How the theory of project management applies to your business, and what you must understand to make it work • The essential steps in setting up and managing successful small, medium and large projects • How to create project templates you can re-use when a project is recurring
  • How to assign tasks to other staff members – without using email
  • A better way to document all your personal ‘To Dos’ so you can prioritise your time and focus on tasks and activities that generate the greatest value for you
  • How having a robust system will significantly boost the value of your business – in some cases by a factor of 5

If you want to step out of the rut, you need to be at this conference.

You’ll leave the event equipped with many groundbreaking ideas that will transform the productivity and consistency of your business – and create more free time for you.