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Testing and Measuring Marketing Campaigns

There are definite benefits in testing and measuring marketing campaigns. By doing this you can focus in on what is working and drop what is not working, this alone can have major impact on your company. In this segment of an interview between Dale Beaumont and Stuart Gordon find out the two major benefits of testing and measuring and then go put it to use!

After a year-long stint as a sales representative, Stuart founded Giant Promotional Products in 1997. Giant provides promotional products to a wide range of companies in industries as diverse as IT, banking, insurance, finance and automotive.

What are the benefits of testing and measuring marketing campaigns?

There are two major benefits of testing and measuring:

  • You will not kill a long-running advertisement or campaign that is still working, simply because you are tired of it. While you may think an advertisement is old, there is a good chance that many of your prospects have not seen it. By testing and measuring an old advertisement you can determine if it is still working. If it is, keep it! If you are getting tired of the advertisement, consider changing the offer or the headline. Test and measure it again to see if your results improve. But whatever you do, don’t just stop running an advertisement because you are tired of it.
  • Some activities that you do out of habit may actually be a waste of money. Jay Abraham gives an example of a furniture store owner who ran regular weekly newspaper advertisements and displayed significant signage around his building. The owner of the store believed people came in because of the advertisements and would not be convinced otherwise. After agreeing to test his belief (which was done by asking store patrons how they found out about his store), it was found that only a small percentage of his customers had seen the newspaper advertisement. The vast majority came in because of the signs. The newspaper advertising was dropped, saving the owner considerable amounts of money, and there was no negative impact on sales. If you know what advertising is a waste of money, you can stop it and invest in other areas of your business to produce bigger profits.

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