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The Seven Top Sales Motivation Tips

Need some sales motivation tips? First practical one is this: take a deep breath and say to yourself “I CAN do this.” Yes, you can! Sales calling may seem like a big scary monster, but all you have to do is show them who is boss. You will get the victory each time. In this segment from an interview between Dale Beaumont and Kirsty Dunphey, find out the seven top sales motivation tips on how to motivate yourself to make those calls.

At just 21, Kirsty co-founded and became managing director of M&M Real Estate. In 2006, Kirsty sold her share in her real estate company and is now an in-demand sales and service speaker and trainer performing around 30 keynotes presentations a year.

What tips would you offer to salespeople trying to motivate themselves to be the best?

  • Demand excellence from yourself, even if no one else knows you’ve completed the task to a high level.
  • Stop lying to yourself and others! As a children, most of us go through a phase of lying a lot. Mine lasted for ages and as a young adult I had to fight against the urge to tell a lot of white lies. Often we tell them to ourselves and these are the hardest lies to stop telling. At first this may not seem like something that applies to you, but just think back to the last time you said you’d never eat chocolate again or that you’d exercise or read every day – remember how long that lasted? Also think of the times you were just ‘too busy’ to do something importanimportant, t (but still found time to watch Desperate Housewivess still found time to get watched!).
  • Be disciplined. Excellence is just doing the same diligent tasks every day and and for longer than anyone else. Be disciplined.
  • Have confidence that you are important. High achievers, while not always shouting their achievements, usually have high confidence levels. They understand that they’re trying to do good in the world, that they’re acting with the best intentions and what they do makes a difference.
  • Stop making excuses. When something goes wrong in your life, take responsibility, accept and learn from the mistake. You will be better off for the experience.
  • Learn the skill of prioritisation. So many people don’t act because they can’t be decisive. Don’t let procrastination or fear of making the wrong decision paralyse you into inaction.
  • Push yourself because we are all capable of so much more than we think we are.

Find some real life examples – Mother Teresa, Ian Thorpe, Nelson Mandela – that inspire you! For more of this interview check out Dale Beaumont’s “Secrets of Top Sales Professionals Exposed!“.