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Key Elements of a Powerful Sales Model

Having a great sales model can make or break your business. It is important to have a sales model in place for your team to follow you in the vision towards success. Take a look at this interview between Dale Beaumont and Ben Fewtrell and learn Ben’s key elements to having a powerful sales model.

Ben co-owns one of the largest business coaching firms in Australia and has personally coached over 100 businesses. He is a regular contributor to several national business publications and is involved in other business interests that operate without his day-to-day involvement.

What are the key elements of a powerful sales model?

Having a sales model is very important. I often see businesses that do not have a solid structure or process for sales. In business, you should spend as much time perfecting how you sell your product or service as you do creating it. Here are my top key elements:

  • Have a consistent process – make sure that all your salespeople are doing the same thing. You need to be able to identify what works and what doesn’t. Work out who your top salesperson is and find out what they do. This will be a great way to start documenting your process.
  • Measure results – you cannot manage what you cannot measure. Make sure you are tracking company conversion rates as well as individual results.
  • Weekly meetings and training – make sure that sales plans and results are regularly reviewed. Provide regular training as well. I remember a business owner saying to me once, ‘Ben, what if I train them and they leave?’ I replied, ‘What if you don’t train them and they stay?’
  • Set sales targets and rewards – salespeople are competitive by nature, so make sure you have team incentives as well as individual incentives. Make the numbers available to all your salespeople, talk about the results each week and give praise to those who have done well for the week or month.
  • Recruit the right people – sales is a profession and the harsh reality is that some people should not be in the profession. If someone is not performing within a few months, then they probably never will. I see too many unhappy salespeople (and unhappy employers) because they are not getting sales. Realistically, a lot of these people should never have been hired as a salesperson in the first place.

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