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Promotional Products vs Other Marketing Methods

Promotional products are able to have a big effect that other marketing methods are not able to compete with. Varying your marketing methods can translate into reaching more potential clients which may result in higher sales. In this interview between Dale Beaumont and Stuart Gordon, find out more on the impact of promotional products versus other marketing methods.

After a year-long stint as a sales representative, Stuart founded Giant Promotional Products in 1997. Giant provides promotional products to a wide range of companies in industries as diverse as IT, banking, insurance, finance and automotive.

How do promotional products stack up compared other marketing methods?

  • Targeted – promotional products go directly to the people you are targeting, compared to mass media like radio or television, where a lot of messages fall by the wayside.
  • Longevity – promotional products are tangible and so they are often kept, used and appreciated over a long time. I was once shown a mug with a 3M logo on it that someone had kept for over 15 years. Can you imagine any other form of advertising or marketing that can have an impact for that long?
  • Customisation – promotional products are so diverse that you can really get something to suit any budget and any target market.
  • Relevance – promotional products can be chosen to be relevant to your customers’ needs. For example, if you sell small boats that are often used for recreational fishing, you may find that a fishing lure would be a highly appreciated item.
  • Recall – promotional products can be remembered forever, unlike advertisements read in a magazine or newspaper.

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