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Simple Tips on How to Increase Search Engine Traffic

Knowing how to increase your search engine traffic can have exponential results on the success of your website. Find some great tips on how get more traffic through to your website in this excerpt from an interview between Dale Beaumont and Shaun Stenning.

Shaun is now the general manager and co-owner of Sure Fire Marketing, one of the fastest-growing internet marketing businesses, which in its first three months experienced a 400 per cent monthly increase in staff numbers.

What are some simple ways to increase search engine traffic to your website?

  • You must ensure that your website is built in CSS – this is the coding language that is the friendliest to search engines. If you don’t know whether your site is or not, ask your developer or designer.
  • Ensure that you have the keywords (the words you want search engines to rank you on) in the title of your website – for example, if I wanted to rank Secrets of Marketing Experts Exposed! in search engines, my title would be ‘Secrets of Marketing Experts Exposed!’
  • Only go for one key phrase per webpage – many people make the mistake of putting every key phrase they are going for on the same page. By doing this you will only confuse the search engines because they can’t work out which key phrase the page targets. Making this mistake could actually damage your search engine rankings.
  • Make sure your website has a sitemap which is linked from the homepage – a sitemap is basically a page that is linked to every other page on your website. By linking to it from your homepage you make it easier for search engine ‘spiders’ to find the internal pages of your website.

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