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How to Eliminate Sales Pressure

Eliminating sales pressure is like that distant dream that never turns into reality for most salespeople. It is a tough world out there and if you are not careful the pressure can be extremely overwhelming. Here is a snapshot of an interview between Dale Beaumont and Ari Galper where Ari share three incredible sales tips to eliminate the pressure.

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What tips do you have for salespeople to help eliminate the pressures and pain of selling?

Rejection can only happen if you’re focused on your own agenda – rejection happens when you go for the ‘yes’ instead of the truth. If you focus on your prospect’s issues and problems and whether your solution might be a fit for them, rejection is no longer a possibility. After all, how can rejection result from a conversation that has no hidden agendas? Take a few minutes to debrief yourself after each call or selling encounter – don’t just make your calls and forget about them; every call can be an important learning experience. As soon as you can, reflect on and evaluate your call – did it go well? How do you determine ‘well’? Do you remember feeling a moment of awkwardness after saying something? Perhaps that was because you slipped back into some subtle form of pushing or exerting pressure? Did you sense any withdrawal or pulling back?

Debriefing is a useful way to keep track of how your new Unlock The Game habits are developing. Don’t think sales script, think conversation and dialogue – I talk every day with people who say that their scripts make them feel uncomfortable and robotic. While scripts may give you a feeling of control, this is an illusion. Conversation and dialogue can be scary because it means you have to give up some form of control. But remember, you’re dealing with another human being. How does trying to control them build trust?

I promise you that selling can be a positive and productive experience if you are open to shifting to a new mind-set. For more from Ari Galper check out “Secrets of Top Sales Professionals Exposed!“.