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12 Tips for a Great Business

Want to turn your idea or current business into a GREAT business and need some tips to help you get there? In this segment from an interview between Dale Beaumont and Paul Tonich, find out first hand Paul’s top twelve tips for developing a great business.

Paul is one of the three founding principals of Force First National, one of Western Australia’s most successful real estate agencies. While building the business, he discovered a passion for training others and has since started Paul Tonich Seminars with his sister, Amanda Morgan

What are your top tips for developing a great business?

  • ‘We don’t destroy our competition, we kidnap their clients’.
  • Forget cheap shots, market share is now won or lost on speed, service, results and value to the customer.
  • The winning edge can change weekly. The difference in results is small things that, if used with leverage, can have an enormous effect.
  • Leadership decides, builds, maintains and encourages its own culture.
  • Whenever you see a great business success, someone took a big chance and left their comfort zone.
  • Remember, everyone has problems, difficulties, disappointments, setbacks and obstacles.
  • To get your business kick-started, work out first where you’re at and then where you want to be.
  • To change your business, you must change your behaviour and this requires an initial change in your thoughts.
  • You’re happy to upgrade the software on your old computer, it may now be your turn for an upgrade.
  • Commit to your business.
  • What three things am I prepared to do this month that may make my business faster, better, easier to deal with, more attractive to clients and staff, more profitable and more exciting?
  • What is the message you wish to send out to the marketplace (besides a motto or logo) and what behaviours, actions or processes will do that for you?
  • Your business is forever a work in progress.

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