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Great Business Marketing Strategies

Great business marketing strategies are essential to the success of any business. For this reason it is important to understand what is needed to gain this success. Dale Beaumont interviewed John Benton, in a segment from that interview, find out from this expert what his preferred business marketing strategies include and how they can impact your own business.

While still at university, John met his business partner James Willson and founded the advertising and branding agency, CRE8IVE. In five years, CRE8IVE has grown from three to 28 staff and is now the largest independent agency in Canberra.

For people just starting out, what are some of your preferred marketing strategies?

  • First of all, have a really good branding strategy that explains who you are, what you do, and why you are different.
  • Public relations can be a valuable tool. Sometimes the market can be a bit cynical to a new business campaign or to something new. Public relations allows a better insight and explanation of the business in a way that is informative rather than intrusive. So a well-written press release to the right person works well. Try to give your business an angle, something that will make it media-worthy.
  • Create a good generic awareness campaign to let the market know you are out there. What I find works really well is if your awareness campaign points to your website, which then provides a really thorough rundown of your business.
  • A website is also good because people can do their research on your company in their own time and at their own pace. It’s also a great medium to create the perception you want about your business. Whether you’re based from home or are a multinational, a website really sells your organisation and gives people a real insight into your business.

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