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Email Marketing Tips

Are your emails getting lost in the hundreds people receive and need some email marketing tips to optimise your affect? In this interview between Dale Beaumont and Ben Fewtrell, find some great email marketing tips and why it’s something that you should use to its fullest potential.

Ben co-owns one of the largest business coaching firms in Australia and has personally coached over 100 businesses. He is a regular contributor to several national business publications and is involved in other business interests that operate without his day-to-day involvement.

Why do you like email marketing and what are your tips for doing it successfully?

  • Email marketing is a very leveraged and cost-effective way to regularly stay in touch with customers. It also enables you to send out campaigns at short notice, unlike traditional methods that may require printing and postage. Here are my top tips for using e-marketing successfully:
  • Resist sending large files or pictures – if your email takes too long to download and clogs up users’ email systems you won’t be very popular! A lot of email programs will charge by the amount of data you send, so this is also a way to keep the costs to a minimum.
  • Make it easy for people to respond to your offer – if you ask too much from your prospects they will give up before you get to talk to them. Use a simple ‘click here’ link and ask for just their contact information. At least then you can call them!
  • Send a maximum of one or two messages a week – any more than this and your database will start to get annoyed and unsubscribe. Some people are surprised that you can send two a week! I have personally tested this, and if I send more than two the amount of people who unsubscribe increases.
  • Use dedicated online email software – these programs will manage a whole lot more than your standard email programs. As a minimum, they generally have functions for you to track email campaigns, responses and people. Usually, for a small fee they will also help you design your templates and e-newsletters. By using dedicated email software you are more likely to comply with spam laws, automatically allowing everyone on your database to unsubscribe if they feel they no longer want to receive emails from you.
  • Steer clear of fancy HTML emails – as nice as they look, they are spam ‘filter food’ and will get eaten up before your prospect has a chance to read it. Use plain text and simply type a letter to your prospects. This way more people will read your emails!
  • Do your market research – make sure you look at each marketing email you receive – have a look at what automatically ends up in your spam filter and work out what works and what doesn’t. Spam filters look for specific things like large font sizes and words such as ‘free’, ‘amazing’, ‘complimentary’ and so on. They also look for hyperlinks, web addresses and pictures.
  • Finally – use the KISS principle – Keep It Simple, Stupid!

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