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Sales Tips for New Salespeople: Common Selling Mistakes

To all you new salespeople out there, this is your chance to come face to face with the most common selling mistakes new salespeople make. Discover them now so that these will not become your own mistakes when you are on the phone. Find out what these mistakes are, along with great sales tips for new salespeople, in this portion of interview between Dale Beaumont and David Staughton.

David Straughton is an in-demand corporate and public speaker. Founder of Think Big and trainer to hundreds of companies on topics such as generating sales, improving productivity and much more.

What are the most common mistakes new salespeople make?

Most new salespeople:

  • lack product knowledge or business experience.
  • talk too much (they are ‘tellers’, not ‘askers’ and can’t wait to passionately tell the prospect all about their product or service).
  • pitch to prospects rather than have an intelligent and caring conversation.
  • do not have a sales plan – the ‘blitzkrieg’ approach to selling.
  • are too confident with little competence.
  • over-promise and under-deliver.
  • give up too early and don’t follow -up enough.


The majority of these mistakes occur because new salespeople usually have very few tools in their sales toolkit or tend to use the wrong tool for the job. As a consequence, they have a low sales conversion rate, lose deals and cost the business lots of money.

Some of the tools that new salespeople need for their toolkits are:

  • Stories – collect the best stories about your product or service.
  • Humour – what’s funny or humorous about your offering (a laugh can build rapport).
  • Objections – what objections are you likely to get and how will you respond?
  • Reasons – list seven reasons why they should buy from you, your company and your product.
  • Testimonials – who believes in you and recommends you and your product or service?
  • Questions – what are the most effective questions you should be asking?
  • Closes – eventually you’ll have to ask for an order – what will you say?

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