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What Would We Do Without Teamwork?

Without teamwork, businesses would get nowhere.

And without Teamwork, businesses can’t get the most out of their teams.

What are we talking about? Teamwork is one of the handiest project management tools out there.

The reality of the modern workplace is your team can be spread far and wide. You could be outsourcing to international team members or regularly have staff who log in from home. Teamwork fills the communication gaps and keeps projects flowing. This software is designed to help your team to work at its best.

More About Teamwork

Teamwork runs three different products and you use one or make the most of all three. They are all designed to integrate seamlessly with your workplace no matter what your industry, as well as being intuitively easy to use.

Get started with Teamwork Chat, which is not only highly user-friendly but 100% free. This instant messaging system can be used from any browser or device and your team can do a lot of things with it. This includes sharing attachments, searching conversation history and of course chatting with groups of two or more. Often a simple ‘ping’ using Teamwork chat can save the time of a phone call or text message conversation, and you can chat in real time.

The next level is Teamwork’s top-notch project management software, which can be used to track your projects from start to finish. With Teamwork, you can assign tasks and work collaboratively. It’s also easy to share updates on projects from your email, meaning far less back and forth between tabs on your screen. When you set tasks, you can also give deadlines so your project is kept on track.

With one glance at your Teamwork dashboard, you can see what tasks need your attention and when they are due. Once you have completed your part of the project, a single click will mark it as done.

This smart software is cloud based so you won’t have to take up memory space on your team’s computers. Being accessed via the cloud means you can log in from any device, at any time. In today’s increasingly flexible workplace, this is another bonus, especially if you accidentally leave your laptop on the plane/at work/at home.

Teamwork Helpdesk

The final feature many businesses find invaluable, in particular those with large customer bases, is Teamwork Helpdesk.

This takes customer care to the next level by streamlining your customer service while cutting down on the back-end management of client queries and complaints. Use Helpdesk to distribute ‘tickets’ (customer care jobs) to the right team members automatically so your customers get the help they need sooner.

Helpdesk also sends replies to customers in the form of ordinary emails, not those all-too-obvious forms which you often get in your inbox. This helps your customer feel more personally cared for.

As Teamwork shares, “Your customer portal is a single destination for your customers to find answers, get help, and track their tickets. It’s completely customisable, so you can make it match your company’s branding and your customers will feel at home.”

Your customers are the most important part of your business and using Teamwork Help Desk is an easier, more effective way to make sure they’re always smiling.

With geographically distant teams and a LOT of moving parts, Business Blueprint is an ideal customer for Teamwork. We use it to communicate when we’re on the road and to make sure tasks don’t fall through the cracks.

Check out the features and pricing by visiting the Teamwork webpage.