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4 Types of Salespeople

There are four main types of salespeople. It is vital to the success of your company to identify which category your staff are in and train them to be the salespeople desired. In this portion of an interview between Dale Beaumont and Tony Gattari, find our the four categories of salespeople and which category you want to have!

In March 2002, Tony stepped down as CEO of Uniqueworld to set up a new company, Achievers Group Pty Ltd. Some of his large business clients include, Cisco, Australia Post, Domayne, LG Electronics, Mortgage Choice, Rebel Sport.

How do you identify the different types of salespeople in a business?

Take a look at the different types of salespeople and ask yourself what categories your staff fit into.

  • The McDonald’s worker – waits for the customer to ask if they can buy.
  • The techie – tries to impress customers with their technical knowledge. They only succeed in isolating the customer who won’t know as much as them, but will nod their head in agreement to avoid looking uneducated.
  • The new messiah – promises the world just to get the sale (these are the ones that give you nightmares!).
  • The problem solver (our favourite) – qualifies and listens to the customer and helps them buy what they need. They focus on the customer’s needs, not the features of the product. Your job, as a manager or business owner, is to find more problem solvers or to work on training the other three types of salespeople to develop the characteristics of the problem solver. If you have too many McDonald’s workers, techies or new messiahs you will be continuously constantly fighting fires, never have customers return to your business, and have even worse sales results.

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