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Tony Robbins vs Dale Beaumont?

Received this email last week, and though I am a far cry from the great Tony Robbins, it made me smile! Hope you enjoy it. Dale

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I saw your New Rules of Business event a couple of weeks ago and today I saw Tony Robbins selling his Business Mastery program. Dale, your material is hands down way better – not just a tip-of-the-iceberg sizzle to justify why we need the program. In your two days, you drilled down to brass tacks and packed as much in as you could. You demonstrated great value and a real generous spirit. It’s also very smart because I have been telling everyone about it, with high recommendations from a seasoned (and somewhat jaded) seminar-goer.

Not that I think you really need any help from me, but I’m doing it more as a favour to them, pointing them towards some real value. Most important to me, your material precisely addresses my skill and knowledge gaps to move from chef to restaurateur. And it’s the same for so many people I know.

Mate, I applaud you and what you have done. I’m not easily won over, but I am already a raving fan and haven’t even done the 12-month program yet. Will be seein’ ya!


Russ Townsend