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Great Time Management Tips

In a single day you have 84,600 seconds to use up – need some time management tips to utilise those seconds to their fullest potential? Check out this excerpt from an interview between Dale Beaumont and Dr Ari Diskin and discover some incredible time management tips.

Dr Ari Diskin is the owner of one of Australia’s most successful Chiropractic practices, Diskin Life and former president of the Australian Chiropractors Association.

Effective time management is no doubt very important to you. What are the most important ideas you have on this issue?

My good friend, Dr Eric Plasker, developed the concept of ‘prime time, prep time and play time‘.

  • Prime time – is the time you are with clients in your business; when you are effectively performing your primary function.
  • Prep time – is the time you work on your business; where you do what is needed to facilitate the smooth delivery, development and growth of your business.
  • Play time – is just as it sounds; it is when you put down your tools and focus on the rest of your life.

Within each of these times, organisation, planning and prioritising are important to maximise the 86,400 seconds per day that each and every one of us has. How you invest your time makes all the difference to how productive you are. Removing physical clutter from your work and other living spaces and having an awareness of, and quieting, your mental chatter facilitates your ability to make decisions, take action, and create a fertile environment for abundance, opportunity and potential in your business and personal life.

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