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Practical Tips for Working Mums

Being a working mum is tough – enter practical tips for working mums from expert Cydney O’Sullivan! Women are born with the ability to multitask, something that is foreign to most men. Cydney is a wife, mother and businesswoman. It can be difficult to juggle all three at once and succeed at each one. In this interview between Dale Beaumont and Cydney, find out how Cydney has learned to balance all three at once!

With the experience Cydney gained from buying and selling more than 12 properties, she jumped in at the start of the greatest ‘bull run’ in Australian stock market history. She now holds multi-million dollar property, business and stock portfolios and earns millions of dollars through her share trading and investing businesses.

What are the most important things you have learnt about being a mother, wife and businesswoman?

As a mother, wife and businesswoman I’ve learnt:

  • Relationships thrive when you nurture them and wither when you neglect them.
  • Being a mother and a businesswoman is a constant priority juggle for me. When I was married I always put my husband’s career first, then when I had the children my needs moved even further down the list, but then I discovered that you can and should make your needs a priority too.
  • To live how you believe you should not just talk about it. Children need role models to show them how to best fit into society and setting a good example is more powerful than anything you say.

There are some good things about being a single mother. It is easier because there’s only one set of rules in the house and I have the control over what sort of parent I want to be. I also had a lot more time for myself since the children’s father took them on the weekends.

What tips do you have for other working mothers to achieve balance?

  • Outsource as many of the jobs you don’t like as you can – get a cleaner, a gardener, a dishwasher.
  • Where possible, plan your days and weeks ahead of time, but be flexible.
  • Try and include your children as much as possible so that they can learn from the experience and respect the time you require for work (ask your family and friends to help, but make sure you return the favour).
  • Use your time wisely. I used to read books to my kids in the afternoon and evenings when we were all tired. We loved being in the big bed all together enjoying stories and now my children are great readers.
  • Make time for yourself, as it makes you happier and everyone benefits.

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