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“Not a Multi-Speaker Pitch Fest…”

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I’d been to several other seminars that promised to energise my business and lots of other buzz words; and generally they were little more than motivational speakers. One in particular was just a multi-speaker pitch fest where the speakers spent most of their time pitching their offering. The reason that I decided to go to the New Rules of Business seminar was that Dale specifically said that this would “not be a multi-speaker pitch fest”, which showed me that Dale knew what was important to me!

I’m so glad I attended the seminar, because it’s really opened my eyes as to what is important for me to focus on. It has really demystified the process of hiring a virtual assistant, video marketing and social network marketing.

Since then I’ve hired a fantastic virtual assistant which has freed me up to do higher value activities, and am now in the process of outsourcing some of the higher level tasks that I do. As a result I’ve been able to spend more time with my family as well as streamline my business operations.

I’ve now just attended the New Rules of Business for a second time to gain even more techniques for streamlining and growing my business.

Thanks very much,

Andy Wyatt