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May 2011 Update from Dale…

The last time I wrote an update here we had just returned from Fiji and were gearing up for a series of events called The New Rules of Business. With any new project, there was lots of work to be done but the team pulled together beautifully to get us to our first event in Brisbane which was run on the 25th and 26th of Feb. Fast forward to May and we have run this event 7 times and in the process visited four major capital cities, three of them twice. I’m pleased to report that the event has been a huge hit with many people saying that it’s the best two days that they have ever spent in their business. We also held our April Business Blueprint Conference in Sydney which was fantastic. It was wonderful to catch up with our members again and see how much they had achieved since we last saw them. We also had some amazing speakers, one being Mike Klassen who came all the way from the USA to talk to our members about Magalogs.

Check out these photos on Flickr from this conference.

Having done a massive amount of work and spoken to over a 1000 people, I figured I’m in need of some rest and relaxation therefore in just a few days from now I’m heading off overseas to Europe and visiting 20 plus cities over 6 weeks. Travel is a major passion of mine so to have this opportunity to experience the world with my family is something that I live for. I’ll be back in July ready for our next conference, hopefully supporting a Mediterranean tan and maybe a few new Italian made shirts.

If you want to see some photos while I’m away, make sure you add me on Facebook and I’ll be sharing some pics along the way. While I’m away, I’m very lucky to have a fantastic team that will be taking care of everything. So for now, Bon Voyage Dale Beaumont