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Marketing to Baby Boomers

In marketing to baby boomers you must ensure that you understand them, their behaviours, needs and wants. Here is part of an interview between Dale Beaumont and Mal Emery for your chance to learn some of the top tips to market successfully to the Baby Boomer Demographic.

Mal went from being an illiterate academic failure to a best-selling author, the buyer and seller of more than 30 businesses and the developer of arguably the largest and highest paying mastermind business mentoring program in the country.

What are some of your top tips for marketing to the Baby Boomer demographic?

Baby Boomers entering their forties and fifties today, remain in a state of mind which reflects their teens and twenties (when they created the youth market!). Baby Boomers simply refuse to conform to the notion that their attitudes and expectations ought to fit their new advanced stage of life as their parents did so readily. Businesses that understand this will ride the ‘consumer demand’ wave of a lifetime. Baby Boomers are responsible for the largest stock market rise ever recorded, for the property boom, the internet and personal computer boom, and the rise of internal airlines, to name a few. In fact, in the US, Baby Boomers are responsible for roughly half of the $10 trillion national economy.

Some of the things that businesses should keep in mind when marketing to this generation include:

  • High quality value-added products and services – the Baby Boomers demand higher quality and value-added products. No longer will adequate products do, you must provide a product or service that functions in a superior manner. It must be designed to last longer and create a better result. The Baby Boomers’ enormous spending capabilities and desires will create a new economic environment where quality will become more affordable.
  • Customisation to individual needs and services – businesses must address individual needs. Successful products need to be fitted to a particular task. Baby Boomers want choices and a variety of colours, styles, models, quality and performances.
  • Fast response and quick delivery – in these days of sudden change and advanced technology, time has become the critical commodity. Neither the business nor the consumer can afford to wait and they simply won’t! If you are slow to understand or to meet your customers’ needs they will go somewhere else. Businesses must learn to respond quickly – no, make that immediately! Personalised service – Baby Boomers expect to be treated as individuals. In this environment, companies that excel in making sure their clients are made to feel special and respected will out-perform their competitors.

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