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The Importance of Marketing Momentum

When you pick up speed it is the momentum that keeps you going; the same can be said of marketing momentum. It is vital to keep the momentum going to see great results. Here is a snippet of an interview between Dale Beaumont and Tony Gattari regarding the importance of marketing momentum.

In March 2002, Tony stepped down as CEO of Uniqueworld to set up a new company, Achievers Group Pty Ltd. Some of his large business clients include, Cisco, Australia Post, Domayne, LG Electronics, Mortgage Choice, Rebel Sport.

When it comes to marketing, how important is the element of momentum?

Extremely important! You need to continually feed the pipeline to reduce the amount of droughts. And it doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are some marketing strategies that we have used in our business to develop a pipeline of prospects and build a client base of fun and exciting businesses to work with:

  • Database – we have a database of over 5,000 people who receive our free e-zine. This allows us to communicate with a captive audience on a regular basis.
  • Free fortnightly e-zine – our e-zine is not a product flog; we invest before we receive. 60 Seconds with Achievers Group – Your Fortnightly Vitamin teaches and inspires people in areas of marketing, sales, leadership, customer service and team building. The credibility of our articles prompt people to contact us about helping their businesses.
  • Website – in this modern age, a professional website is an extremely powerful tool for engaging people. If prospects want to learn more about what we do, we always refer them to our website. Our website has testimonials, articles, client listings, and audio and video interviews.
  • Testimonials – the most powerful way to convert customers is to have others sing your praises. When people ask me what I have done to improve other businesses, I always say, ‘Don’t ask me, read what others have said’. Also, testimonials don’t cost you a cent!
  • Strategic alliances – building a community of like-minded businesses that are non-competitive, but add value to your clients, is a great way to build a proactive referral system for your business. All you need to do is manage each other’s expectations, understand that it is a long-term arrangement and that it takes time to bear fruit.
  • Corporate brochures/business cards – we have professional-looking brochures and business cards that outline our services, clients and team members. This is the most expensive part of our marketing arsenal, but it completes the package and improves the credibility of our brand.
  • Articles/books – the power of educating and inspiring people through books gives us amazing credibility (especially since we are published by other companies).
  • Press releases – press releases have a multiplier effect and can serve as a low-cost strategy whereby a third party (the media) promotes you.
  • Direct email/mail campaigns – if we have an offer that is of value to our customers then we believe it is in their best interest to be informed about it. That said, we are mindful of our database’s integrity and do this very rarely as we do not want to push products down people’s throats.
  • Free/special offers – if people sign up on our website for our e-zine, we send them a free educational CD (we invest in them first by giving them a world-class education). We also offer business consultations as a way of investing in the customer before they invest in our services.
  • Speaking engagements/interviews – a large proportion of the population prefer to receive information through audio formats. Speaking in front of an audience and giving interviews is a way of achieving this.

For more of this interview check out Dale’s “Secrets of Top Sales Professionals Exposed!“.