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June 2010 Update from Dale…

In April we held our very first Business Blueprint Conference in Sydney. As you can imagine, a huge amount of preparation had gone into this event, and I’m really proud to say that it was a fantastic experience for all involved. I am really privileged to have met many incredible business owners and entrepreneurs in Australia and I’m so happy to now be able to call some of them my friends.So at the Business Blueprint Conference, it was great to see some of these friends come and speak for our members. With over 12 speakers, it was certainly a packed programme and members had the chance to learn from some of this country’s best talent.

Creel Price is an inspirational entrepreneur and he shared his insights and passion. Also Peter Sheahan is one of Australia’s most successful corporate speakers, and he really helped our members become clear on how to position themselves to be at the top of their industry.

Another of the stand-out presentations was from Jess Logan. Jess is the mastermind behind some of Australia’s biggest brands and she shared her knowledge and skills with our members. To lighten things up, we were lucky enough to hear from comedian

Marty Wilson who brought the house down. We also had lots of time to get to know each other with informal networking and dinners together.

At our Platinum-only dinner on Saturday night, we were even treated to a belly dancing show (check out the pics on the next two pages).

Until next month, Dale Beaumont.