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July 2010 Update from Dale…

Hi Everyone, Well July is shaping up to be a massive month for myself and my family.

Hopefully our second baby will be born towards the end of the month, so fingers crossed I can show you a picture of our new addition by the August issue of Business Blueprint! My wife Katherine and I are so excited and can’t wait to meet the new member of our family (and Finn is pretty pumped to be getting a golf buddy).

Also during July we are holding our next Blueprint Conference. We have some amazing speakers lined up which is really exciting and also I’m looking forward to catching up with our members again and seeing the progress that I know they have been making in their businesses. Over the next couple of pages, your going to see some photos of our experts and members.

Our members are all at different stages of their growth but the one thing they all have in common is their desire to expand and to ensure that their products and services change lives and reach even great numbers of people. If you are someone who is running your own business right now and looking to access the best mentoring and mastermind program in Australia, then Business Blueprint might be just right for you and your business.

To find out more, go to: www.BusinessBlueprint.com.au/Apply

Talk again soon, Dale Beaumont