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Discover How Jay Harris Runs his Business while Travelling…


Meet Jay Harris, the Managing Director of an elite maintenance service provider, The Maintenance Boys. Before Business Blueprint, his business was working well but the challenge was he was working pretty hard and didn’t have much free time.  Jay knew he needed more support and more knowledge as he was hungry to learn more and that’s when he was introduced to New Rules of Business and he signed up straight away!

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Since joining Business Blueprint, Jay has fast tracked his business whilst having more time for himself and his family, watch to see how he did it.

Jay got the confidence as a solo entrepreneur and was able to keep his business growing. He got access to all of the training videos and the mentorship program helped him put systems in place straight away. Now he’s running emails and sharing files with his team and has had his website upgraded! He now has more time to himself than he used to, he’s been to Argentina, Fiji, Bali to name a few and was still able to manage his business and his team. ‘Absolute Gold’, as Jay remarked.

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