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5 Techniques to Improve Sales Conversion Rates

Time to improve sales conversion rates? There are many different techniques which have proven to increase one’s sales conversion rate. In this segment from an interview between Dale Beaumont and Tony Gattari, find out from an expert five incredible techniques to improve your company’s sales conversion rates.

In March 2002, Tony stepped down as CEO of Uniqueworld to set up a new company, Achievers Group Pty Ltd. Some of his large business clients include, Cisco, Australia Post, Domayne, LG Electronics, Mortgage Choice, Rebel Sport.

When it comes to sales what are your top five techniques for improving conversion rates?

These are tried and tested techniques that I have used with over 90 businesses across the world. These conversion rate strategies can be applied to any sales model.

Parkinson’s Law – according to this law, instant gratification is great because the more you earn, the more you spend. When your team member gets an increase in pay, guess what – they spend it! This means that they enjoy their new lifestyle (with all of its trappings) and are motivated to earn more money to support it, hence increasing their conversion rates.

Set key performance indicators (KPIs) don’t give money away without some simple guidelines. Remember an increase in pay should equal an increase in productivity. Measure the performance of your salespeople by having indicators in place.

Communicate results openlydon’t be afraid to promote healthy competition within your store. Post the results up where everyone can see them and get motivated by their position on the ladder.

Put the team before the individual – if you have an exceptional salesperson that is bringing down the morale of the store, redirect, counsel, or remove that person.

Review and change if necessary – every strategy that you put into place should be reviewed in terms of its results. If you are not getting the return on investment from the program that you have introduced, don’t stop rewarding people, find a new program that will inspire them.

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