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“I Learnt So Much About Internet Marketing…”

Great testimonial from our New Rules of Business event. Wanted to share this with you! Would be great for you to experience as well. – Dale


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Well I come from a background where we’re very set in our ways, and attempting new things like New Rules of Business is usually frowned upon. My partner told me about it and suggested I ‘have a look’.

Attending the New Rules of Business turned out to be the best choice yet. It was everything I’ve been trying to work on to grow my business. It really opened a door showing me exactly what it was that I needed done in order to REALLY achieve the goals I wanted to achieve! I learnt so much about internet marketing, how to successfully pre-sell your product, how to connect with your customers or clients, effective advertising and even bettering my website to convert more clients. I now know I’m on the right track and also what needs to be done in order to escalate the results we’ve already been receiving.

Bottom line is, I’m literally BLOWN away. This was amazing, and my partner and I believe that this is the one thing DEFINITELY worth investing our business and future into. Seriously I have not been able to keep my mouth shut about all the things I’ve learnt. I’ve been getting everyone excited, and already have a bunch of people eager to attend the next New Rules of Business with me!

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