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How To Increase Inbound Leads From Your Website

How hard is your website working for you? Is it a basic placeholder or are you making the most of every single element to increase website leads?


Your site is one of your most important marketing tools but it needs to have a lot more than a pretty (inter)face. If you don’t set it up correctly to convert clicks into customers you’re wasting your time and your money.

Here are some steps to pump up the jam on your website and push your leads into overdrive:

1. Review your copy

You don’t have to be the next Leo Tolstoy when writing for the internet!

The fact is that people land on your site and make a decision to stay or go in a matter of seconds. Hold on tight to their eyeballs (so to speak!) and make sure the first thing they see is a bold, clear statement that explains what you do and how you will solve their problem.

Here’s a quick example: Which headline grabs your attention?

Trusted Tax Accountants for 40 years’ OR ‘Need Your Tax Return Now? Talk to the Experts.’

Are you with me on this? The first statement is nice and still has a place on the website, but the second is much more direct in solving the user’s problem.

Less is more when it comes to web copy. Keep it clear, keep it simple and focus on solving your customers’ problems with every word you write.

2. Create original content to increase website leads

You are an expert in what you do. Make sure your online visitors know that. Creating original content for your website blog not only boosts your credibility with Google, it puts you on a higher podium of trust, above your competition.

Commit to a fortnightly or a weekly blog that highlights your skills and shows how you can help your customers. Don’t make this a sales pitch – the idea is to inform, educate and cement yourself as a knowledge leader. This is your opportunity to highlight the good work you do by sharing your top tips, showcasing customer case studies and updating your clients with relevant industry news.

Once you have created content, post it on your LinkedIn profile and consider what other industry websites you can share it with for some extra publicity.

3. Make use of popups

Website popups can be a little annoying when they’re done without any thought.


Popups are not invasive if they offer value to the customer. A well thought out popup with a special offer can increase website leads no end.

A great example of a website popup done well is a restaurant offering a voucher to customers that can be redeemed on weeknights during their birthday month. In return for only a couple of personal details, the customer is getting a discounted night out for their birthday. The restaurant is getting more ‘bums on seats’ on the slow nights and they are also able to add addresses to their email database for future special promotions.

You don’t have to follow this exact example, but consider how a popup with a genuine special offer can work for you to help form an ongoing relationship with your website visitors.

4. Make it easy to get in touch

When it comes to contact details – more is more!

Don’t be afraid to pepper your website with contact forms, phone numbers and your email address. Make sure there are ways to get in touch on every page. Your customers shouldn’t have to dig around your website or send out a homing pigeon just to reach you.

5. Work your calls to action

Your website’s ‘microcopy’ is actually some of the most important. Those little lines of text can make all the difference between a browser and a buyer.

Consider ‘Contact us to order’ vs ‘ Supplies are limited! Contact us today

Which one would make you pick up the phone? I know I wouldn’t want to miss out.

6. Download your Website Blueprint report now

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