149 Steps to Marketing Perfection. What’s your score?

How I Remember 216 Passwords

The video below is just a sneak peak of just one awesome strategy out of 52, and we will share this tool with you in more detail on the day at the workshop. We wanted to share this with you as we’re so excited we just can’t wait for this event.

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If you’re anything like me, you find it hard enough to remember dates such as birthdays and anniversaries, let alone the hundreds of login details we have to remember in this day in age.

When it comes to passwords, I must have so many different combinations of passwords that I need to remember, because a lot of websites, especially social media platforms, have their own requirements of what characters your password can contain.

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This one tool that I discovered a couple of years ago has not only helped me remember my passwords, but it remembers them for me, and as a result of this, I am now even more efficient and it’s much faster to access all of my accounts online.

Introducing, LastPass, the last password you will ever have to remember.

Once you setup an account (there are free and premium options), LastPass will start prompting you to add your login details to its vault. So when you go to a new website that LastPass has not yet registered, it will prompt you to save this site.

You can save the username, password, and even pin codes and your personal details to be auto filled into forms on websites when and as you wish. It’s really simple and super helpful.

You will eventually build up hundreds of login details for all your social media accounts, business websites, the cPanel for your website, even your online banking. And these login details are stored securely in your LastPass vault for you to use anytime.

You can also easily and securely share these passwords with your friends, family or colleagues. And the best thing is that they never actually see the password visibly with their own eyes (unless you want them to and select that option), and you can revoke their access any time too so it’s great for teams.


149 Steps to Marketing Perfection. What’s your score?

LastPass has helped me remember all of my passwords (216 of them to be exact in my Vault) and become more efficient when it comes to logging into various websites that I access day-to-day in my business and personal life.

You only need to remember one password from now on. This is called your Master Password and is stored in your LastPass vault. It’s like a master key in a hotel that the hotel manager would have. There are keys programmed to open certain doors or just the one door, and then the hotel manager (you!) has a master key which opens all doors.

Another cool feature is when you enter your master password, you can select to remember this password for an hour, a day or a week. So if you know that you are going to be on your laptop all day and accessing a lot of websites with passwords, just select the ‘remember for 4 hours’ option and you won’t even need to enter anything into a login details section or fill out a form again for 24 hours.

This one tool is used by everyone in my business and has allowed me to share certain access with certain people, and then I can easily remove that access once they have completed the task, or once that person no longer needs access or moves on from our company.

So download LastPass now and get started. It will be the best thing you do all week.

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