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The 3 Hottest Marketing Strategies for 2015


Facebook, Podcasts and YouTube should be a huge part of your marketing in 2015.

As you may know Facebook has been collecting data on so many of us and if you choose to become part of Facebooks advertising platform you could seriously benefit from as little as a dollar a day.

Do you know how to use ads, offers, custom audiences and remarketing in Facebook?  If not it could be time for a refresher, learn more by clicking here.

Next, Podcasting currently has over 1 billion subscriptions on iTunes alone. Did you know that Podcasting is your way to own a piece of real estate on this platform?

In fact one of our clients received 3400 new visitors per month just after launching their Podcast!

Let’s talk about YouTube – this is now the 2nd largest search engine on the planet. Over 4 Billion videos are watched every single day.

What’s great is that you can dramatically accelerate your results for as little as 5c per view by your target market!

Invest in these new strategies or your competitors will.

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