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6 Tips for Aspiring Great Internet Entrepreneurs

There are many internet entrepreneurs in the world today, however how many of them are great internet entrepreneurs? If you want to be one of the great ones, discover six hot tips in this portion of an interview between Dale Beaumont and John Bertone.

John has spent over four years as an internet marketing consultant, helping clients generate tens of thousands of leads and subscribers, as well as millions of dollars in online sales. He now has a strong presence in Australia as a leading online marketing specialist and is the founder of the Internet Marketing Institute.

What are your top tips for becoming a great internet entrepreneur?

  • Make sure you do your research before going ahead with an online business. That way you will give the consumer what they want and not what you think they need.
  • Once you decide to go ahead with an online business, stay focused and follow through with the business until it starts to make a profit. I always say to people, ‘There are many good ideas, but few profitable good ideas’.
  • If you start making a profit on the internet, don’t ever assume that you know it all when it comes to internet marketing. Chances are you don’t! Removing a know-it-all mind-set will put more money in your bank account.
  • Always look for ways to increase traffic to your website, but make sure you are receiving good quality traffic. Don’t just get traffic from anywhere and expect them to buy from you!
  • Look at increasing the conversion rate of your website. If you are looking to gain leads then constantly test the visitor to lead ratio of your site. If you are attempting to increase sales focus on your visitor to sales ratio.
  • Don’t make your website too hard for visitors to use. If they have to click too many times you will lose them. Always remember, on the internet the website surfer is king. They have so many choices and no problem with leaving your site.

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