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How to Generate Free Publicity

You can generate free publicity?! Yes, this is actually a possibility and can revolutionise your world. Find out how to generate free publicity in this snapshot from an interview between Dale Beaumont and Bex Gold.

Bex created Cinderella Products which has been revolutionising household cleaning since the beautifully fragranced, people-safe, planet-safe Cinderella range was launched in Coles supermarkets in 2006. With her products already in Australia and New Zealand.

Having had a lot of exposure within the media, what are your top tips for generating free publicity?

  • Reality check – make sure you are pitching a story. Why would people want to know about your product or service? What value can it add to someone’s personality? A new product that is a ‘me-too’ isn’t a story on its own.
  • Human interest – is your business journey a human-interest story? I sometimes feel like a muppet sharing my Cinderella story, but people are genuinely interested in other people. I have read some wonderful articles about people with new businesses and taken inspiration from many of them.
  • Patience – working with the media can take time and lets face it, a lifestyle consumer-oriented piece is not breaking news. Press releases and products bombard journalists every day so you need an interesting and relevant story that is easy for them to work with.
  • Tools – make sure you put together a well-prepared press release that is relevant to the journalist you are sending it to. Product samples are great too and allow the journalist to interact with the product. You should also have a range of high-resolution images on file.
  • More of this interview can be found in Dale Beaumont’s “Secrets of Entrepreneurs Under 40 Exposed!“.