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February 2011 Update from Dale…

Welcome to our first issue for 2011. What a difference a year can make. Twelve months does go by extremely fast but on the same token, it’s more than enough time for a person to take an idea and turn it into something truly great. To see evidence of this, you only have to read the profiles and biographies of many successful business owners. In the early days it’s about laying the foundation but then they hit a point and things take off. Sometimes people call this the point of exponential growth. Others call it a tipping point. Or in the words of Victor Hugo ‘Nothing is stronger than an idea whose time has come’.

As this new year falls upon you, I hope its your time and you can look back at this year saying ‘I’m glad I did’ and not ‘I wish I had’. On a personal note, we spent two weeks in Hawaii in January on vacation which was a great time to relax and recharge. We had a week back home and then flew to Fiji for another week to run our first ever Annual Business Blueprint Conference. I’m pleased to say it was a huge success and was one of the proudest times of my life. The following capture a small slice of the event – it really was very special (and as you can see above, my son Finn loved it too).

Finally, we are now gearing up for to launch a brand new event called ‘The New Rules of Business’. The response we have had to date has been phenomenal and we can’t wait to share this event with you. Please check out the ad on page two of the magazine and register at www.NewRulesOfBusiness.com.au and we hope to see you there.

Until next month, Dale Beaumont