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Business Blueprint Gives Back At “Hands Across The Water” Orphanage in Thailand


We’ve returned from Phuket Thailand after running our latest Business Blueprint Conference, which was attended by 158 high-flying entrepreneurs. The experience was nothing short of extraordinary and something we’ll remember for years to come. Another magical part of the our time in Thailand was after our Business Blueprint Conference. Many of our attendees decided to extend their stay and spend a further three days with us living and working at an orphanage, which was started to support the victims of the Boxing Day Tsunami. As words cannot describe how amazing our time at the orphanage was, we decided to create this short video. Please click on the PLAY button below and start watching now:

Once you’ve watched the video please leave us a comment in the space below. Also, we strongly believe in sharing the amazing work of Hands Across the Water. So if you feel touched by this video, please post the link below on Facebook, Twitter, etc… or email to friends. Thank you! https://businessblueprint.com.au/hatw-update-2017/