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Branding Strategy Advice

Trying to create your branding image and don’t have a branding strategy in place? This is your chance to get hot tips for creating your name, logo and image from an expert marketing consulting team. Find out what Jane Toohey and Michelle Gamble have to say about this to Dale Beaumont in this segment from their interview.

In 2001, with Michelle based in Sydney and Jane in Melbourne, the pair created Marketing Angels, a marketing consultancy that develops and implements marketing strategies for small to medium enterprises.

For business owners who are just starting out, what is the best way to come up with the right name, logo and image?

  • Do some research first! Find out what your potential market wants to achieve from buying or using your product or service. What’s the end benefit to them?
  • Look at how your branding might communicate and deliver the benefits of your business in a different way from everybody else. This is important when considering the name of your business as well as your positioning.
  • Think about the attributes of your target market. Are they male, female, young, old, a small business, a large corporation? What sort of income do they have? Is it a luxury, high-end or a value-based product? All this impacts the creative look and feel of your brand – the fonts, colours and logos used.
  • Imagine what you want the customer to think when they see your branding. For example, when a small business looks at the Marketing Angels brand I want them to think, ‘This looks like a dynamic and energetic business that can help me with marketing and will deliver real results for my business’. Our strong colours, energetic logo and positioning of delivering marketing that works, all helps to create this in the minds of clients.

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