149 Steps to Marketing Perfection. What’s your score?

Your Personal Brand Impression

“We are always marketing ourselves,” hence the importance of understanding and establishing your brand impression.

Find out more about brand positioning/impression and realise how this is part of your every day life in this portion of a live interview with Dale Beaumont and Siimon Reynolds. One of Australia’s best known advertising experts and Executive Director of the Photon Group, which currently turns over $180 million per annum.

How have your marketing skills applied to other areas of your life?

People often think that advertising or marketing is just about products and services, but the reality is that we are always marketing ourselves – whether it’s in how we dress, how we behave or the things we say. These all work toward creating a ‘brand impression‘ of ourselves. It’s all very well saying, ‘I’m just going to be me’, but the truth is that people are forming opinions about us all the time, so we might as well be deliberate in the impression we create and help to control what people believe and feel about us.

I think it’s a good idea to write down a brand positioning statement about yourself. For example, how do you want to represent yourself while you’re at work? What impression do you want to create about the type of person you are? Do you want to appear to be super-organised, the rebel with creative ideas, or the leader? Each of these is a brand positioning.

When you decide on your brand positioning, you can develop a way of behaving at work that is consistent with it and that ensures everyone sees you in the way that you would like to be seen. This isn’t about not being genuine or not being yourself. We all have different aspects of ourselves that come to the fore at different times. Creating your own brand positioning for the different areas of your life simply helps you to decide what type of person you want to be, how you want others to perceive you, and to become more like that type of person. When you clearly define your personal brand, you become driven to become that brand.

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