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9 Tips to the Best Small Business

All business owners want their own business to thrive and have the best small business. One way of getting your business further to the success line is by learning from others who have had great success and are willing to share their own learning tips. In this excerpt from an interview between Dale Beaumont and David Staughton find out David’s top nine tips to having the best small business.

David Staughton is an in-demand corporate and public speaker. Founder of Think Big and trainer to hundreds of companies on topics such as generating sales, improving productivity and much more..

What are your top tips for developing a great small business?

  • Have just one captain – decide who’s really in charge because shared responsibility is no responsibility.
  • Create and communicate more organisational clarity – be really clear about the roles and responsibilities within your company and articulate your vision.
  • Focus – it’s really important to focus on your company’s direction, with special attention given to the financial side of the business.
  • Plan! (P.P.P.P.P.P.) – prior preparation prevents a pretty poor performance.
  • Develop more systems – ‘Systemise the routine; humanise the exception’. (FedEx)
  • Practise – make sure you offer cutting-edge customer service.
  • Think – spend some time thinking about the various ways to be different, innovative, creative and exclusive.
  • Don’t pretend or delay – learn to take action right now!
  • Go the extra mile – build great rapport and long-term relationships by doing that little bit extra.
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