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Attract the Media and Create Publicity

Faced with the task of attracting the media to create publicity for you and your company? This may seem like a big feat, but it is possible. Check in with Dale Beaumont as he interviews William Scott on attracting media for you and your business and creating the right kind of publicity.

With over 500 employees across Australia, William”s hands-on and accountable nature has seen him win contracts with some of Australia”s largest multinational companies including News Limited, Integral Energy, Optus and many more.

How can you attract the attention of the media and create some publicity for yourself and/or your business?

A story will only make the news if it is news. That is, if it alters perceptions or behaviours and moves a story or an issue forward. In order to make news it is important to understand the media and learn what journalists want. Remember that journalists receive hundreds and hundreds of media releases every day, most of which end up in the bin. My advice is to build a strong network of media contacts. That way, when you issue a media release it makes it a lot easier to pick up the phone and sell the story. At the end of the day your ability to deal with journalists can make a difference between keeping and losing an account.

The thing to remember when pitching to journalists is to keep it simple. Journalists are on deadline and cannot spare any more than 30 seconds of their time. They have a difficult and very important job – to keep the public well informed and our goal is to help them in their efforts, while at the same time ensuring that our clients get a good and fair hearing in the press.

Here are some of the do’s and don’ts when dealing with journalists:

  • Do learn something about the reporter you are approaching.
  • Do check media resources for your country or region.
  • Do read their stories and watch their shows.
  • Do read and watch their competition.
  • Do build relationships with them over time – prove you can be trusted.
  • Don’t waste their time.
  • Don’t pitch clients in areas that are out of the reporter’s beat or expertise.

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