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5 Tips to Attract Sales Talent

Do you need to attract sales talent to join in your vision and see success in your business? Knowing what to do to get new sales staff is high priority if you want to get great quality staff. Find five tips you can implement in order to attract the kind of sales talent that you need in this interview segment between Dale Beaumont and Ben Fewtrell.

Ben co-owns one of the largest business coaching firms in Australia and has personally coached over 100 businesses. He is a regular contributor to several national business publications and is involved in other business interests that operate without his day-to-day involvement.

What are your top tips for attracting great sales talent to a business?

  • Create a great business – great people will want to work for an exciting company that is growing.
  • Pay them well – great salespeople should be able to earn a good income.
  • Provide training – salespeople thrive on getting better, so make sure you have a regular training program.
  • Use incentives – money is not the only driver; sometimes it is good to provide incentives such as holidays or team days (paintball, go-carting, golf and so on).
  • Strong leadership – you need to be a strong leader with a clear vision. It is the leader’s job to engage and inspire.

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