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Brad Sugars | Customer Acquisition Cost


Recently, Global Entrepreneur Brad Sugars presented two 90-minute presentations at one of our Business Blueprint members-only events. Brad grew up in Brisbane and went on to build the largest coaching company on the planet with over 1000 offices in over 40 countries. Today he lives in Las Vegas and regularly travels the world on his private jet.

Both of his presentations were amazing and I really wanted to share some of the fascinating information that he spoke about with you. So, my team has taken a 7-minute piece out of Brad’s presentation about “Customer Acquisition Cost” just for you.

By watching the video above you’ll learn:

  • The biggest secret you need to know to get more customers
  • The one word that doubles the responsiveness rates on your ads
  • What “allowable acquisition cost” is and what it means for your business
  • How many referral strategies your business can use to get more customers
  • And finally, why business owners don’t always have to be the managers

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Happy Business Building!