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7 Steps to Double Your Sales Online


If you’re one of the 3678 people that have attended my Free Event called “New Rules of Business“, you’d know all about Business Blueprint.

For those not in the know it’s Australia’s fastest growing business education and mastermind program and it offers members unprecedented access to the sharpest business minds in the country. As part of our program we run 4 Live Conferences each year, each with 10-12 business experts. On top of that we run 24 content-rich Webinars (that’s one every 2 weeks) that our members attend from the convenience of their home or office.

Recently we held a Webinar with Greg Cassar, one of the countries leading website marketing experts. It was titled “7 Steps to Double Your Sales Online” and in it he shared some fabulous content. Because I believe this information is essential for every business or website owner, I decided to take it out of our private members-only area and share it as my gift to you.

To access this content-rich presentation, click on the big PLAY button below now:

By accessing this amazing webinar you’ll discover…

  • The Pareto Principle and the 20% that gives you 80% of your results
  • Why focusing on conversion rates is more important than traffic
  • 3 live “before and after” examples of home pages that work
  • The value of having a primary and secondary call to action
  • What is a landing page and why they work better for conversion
  • Why split testing works and how to use it to your advantage
  • An example of how Greg lifted performance from 10.8% to 24.9%
  • 5 tips for setting up a great shopping cart and taking payments
  • Handy tips to reduce the risk and make it easier for people to buy
  • Ideas for linking online with a physical follow up sales team
  • And how to prepare yourself to put these ideas into action now

PLEASE NOTE: The information in this webinar can quite literally save you tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.

So if you are a business or website owner, do yourself a big favour and make sure you watch the video above and take lots of notes.

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