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2015 Blueprint Charity Bike Ride


In February 2015 46 courageous entrepreneurs travelled to Thailand to ride 500km in 5 Days to raise money for Hands Across the Water.

Please click “play” below and watch this short but inspiring video:

There is a charity that I support called Hands Across The Water who do the most incredible work with orphanages in Thailand. So once a year we come together as a community to support them, by riding 500km’s in 5 days.

Each rider has to raise $5000 to be a part of it and this year we raised $300,000!

Having done this ride many times I can honestly say that this was one of the most challenging.

It was about 40 degrees and the first day was 115km’s into a head wind and we arrived in the dark!

Not only that, the morning after we finished the ride they asked us to help out by building a drive-way. It was about 50 metres and 20 degree incline and the concrete just rolled on down to the bottom! What an experience…did I mention it was another 40 degree day?!

I’ll tell you something though, all of that just melts away when you see more than 100 children, with the biggest cheekiest grins on their faces!

What’s even more exciting for me, is that as a Business we have inspired and assisted 46 individuals to systemise their business, harness their cashflow and outsource their tasks, so they could join me on this ride!

That’s what I’m most proud of, you see some of these riders used to work 80 to 100 hours a week in their business.

Now they have their life back and can spend it doing the things they love with the people they love the most.

If your life is all about the business and you know there’s a better way then invest 1 day with me at my 52 Ways event and I’ll teach you how it’s possible to do this too.

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– Dale

P.S. Collectively the 46 Business Blueprint Riders raised over $300,000, which will fund the development of new orphanages in Thailand and change the lives of hundreds of children in need.