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What Makes a Great Marketer

Learn what makes a great marketer from none other than a great marketer! In this portion of an interview, Malcolm Auld opens up and shares with Dale Beaumont over ten essential qualities that make a great marketer. Take them on board and see for yourself just how right he is.

Since 1987, Malcolm has worked in the US, Asia and Australia running advertising agencies for Ogilvy & Mather Direct, J Walter Thompson, Euro RSCG Partnership and his own agency, Malcolm Auld Direct (MAD). He is also the principal of The Marketing Campus.

What are the essential qualities or attributes of great marketers?

Most of the greatest marketers run their own businesses, for example, Michael Dell or Gerry Harvey. Here are a few attributes I’ve noticed in successful marketers. They:

  • are more interested in how their advertisements work than what people think of the advertisement
  • are concerned about sales and the bottom line
  • are good listeners and are always in touch with their customers
  • invest in testing as well as research
  • make decisions based on facts, not just opinions
  • are ruthless in media planning
  • know the value of a good offer to get results
  • understand that relevance is more important than creativity
  • create their own path, rather than follow the established rules
  • don’t speak jargon
  • don’t rush to be the first with the new ‘new’ thing to promote their services
  • are not afraid to speak their mind, particularly against the tide of general opinion
  • are voracious readers of marketing books and are willing to learn.

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