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Tired of American-Style Success Speakers?

Awesome to know that our New Rules of Business event is having an incredible affect on people and their businesses! May this inspire you to succeed and learn the “new rules” needed to grow! Dale

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I wanted to say a huge thanks for the enlightening seminar you’ve held over the last two days.

As a serial entrepreneur, company chairman, business-entrepreneur mentor and life-long learner, I’ve attended a large number of seminars over the last 58 years. And run many myself! I came to your seminar because a great friend Alan Clark invited me. But I expected to leave after an hour or so. My ‘free’ time is very limited. I am really tired of the American-style ‘success’ speakers who only tell 30% of the story. I wondered how you as one person could keep up the energy and engagement for two whole days! And after all, this was a free event where you’d be flogging a whole lot of expensive products!

Boy was I wrong – though you did ‘flog’ some products, of course. I loved your ‘business and life with soul’ approach, your Australian attitude, and that you’ve lived and done what you ‘preach’. I stayed for the whole two days, was fully engaged, and left exhilarated but exhausted with 126 action points.

Today I’ll focus these down to five keys ones to start. They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, and I’ve had 40 more years of business and living than you, but you sure taught this 69-year-old young fella a huge amount. I rate yours one of the best, most practical, content-rich and useful seminars I’ve ever attended. You’re quite right in your claim that you cover ideas and ‘how to’s’ not found in books or other seminars. For me your two days was $10,000 of value. I totally agree with you that the face of business will be totally transformed in the next 5 years, and I see this in the 60 entrepreneurs and CEOs I mentor each month face-to-face and through the CEO Institute.

I feel you well and truly have captured the essence of the new rules of this ‘new world’. I am amazed at what you and other amazing 29 year-olds have achieved. And I am just a bit envious! Can’t wait to see where you head next as you and other members of the Next Generation continue to make your remarkable impact on the world. Heartiest congratulations. And many thanks.


Neville Christie