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“Facebook Ads Express” is the FASTEST and EASIEST way to learn how to generate more leads, sales and profit for your business. The course is delivered to you in 10 easy to follow lessons (each video is 10-15 minutes in duration). Each lesson has been professionally recorded in our studios and they all feature live demos and plenty of examples.

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Lesson 01 – Why Facebook Ads Are a Must for Every Growing Business

  • 5 reasons why you must use Facebook Ads in your business
  • Why using Facebook Ads is better than traditional advertising
  • How to use Facebook Ads for business to business marketing

Lesson 02 -How to Set Up Your Ads Account & a General Overview

  • Why it is essential to create a Facebook business account
  • An overview of Facebook’s business manager dashboard
  • How to create a new ad account and add different people

Lesson 03 – What is Remarketing & How to Set Up Your Facebook Pixel

  • What is Facebook remarketing and how it works
  • What is the Facebook pixel and where to get it
  • How to add new tracking pixel on ads manager

Lesson 04 – How to Set Up a Remarketing Ad to Follow Up Website Leads

  • How to connect your Facebook pixel to other assets
  • Who should you follow up with your remarketing ads
  • What are the three different levels of an ad campaign

Lesson 05 – How to Find New Leads & Define Your Goals & Objectives

  • 2 main ways of finding new leads on Facebook
  • Quick tips to help you choose the right objective
  • What is the purpose of traffic and lead gen ads

Lesson 06 – An Overview of Ad Types & What’s Best For Your Business

  • An overview of the 4 different types of Facebook Ads
  • How to decide which ad type is right for your business
  • Quick design tips and tricks for creating an image ad

Lesson 07 – How to Use Targeting to Show Your Ads to the Right People

  • How targeting can make or break your ad campaigns
  • What is a Facebook custom audience and how to use it
  • What is a lookalike audience and why they’re important

Lesson 08 – How to Write Your Ad Copy & Create Your Visual Elements

  • A quick run-through on where to add your ad copy
  • The 3 different options on how to structure your ad
  • Quick tips when creating your Facebook ad images

Lesson 09 – How to Create Custom Reports & Measure Your Results

  • Why you must know your goals and measure your results
  • Where to go within the ads manager to track your numbers
  • How to use Facebook’s pre-generated filters and reports

Lesson 10 -Extra Tools & Training to Take Your Ads to the Next Level

  • What is the Facebook Pixel Helper and how to install it
  • A quick way to design Facebook ad images and videos
  • How often should you check on your ads performance

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