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The Business Blueprint Success System That Almost Never Fails

Q: What do all of these legendary businesses have in common?

Google, Hewlett-Packard, Cisco Systems, Varian Associates, Sun Microsystems, Silicon Graphics, Netscape, Yahoo and VMware

A: They’ve all been launched out of the Stanford University Business Program.

When I first discovered this fact it amazed me. So many world famous companies launched out of the one stimulating business “incubation” environment.

It made me think: what’s so special about this learning environment that’s led it to launch so many successful businesses?

My Eureka Moment…

After much research and reflection I believe I’ve discovered one of the principle reasons for this extraordinary track record.

It’s the fact that so many entrepreneurs who graduate with a Stanford MBA and then go onto build a legendary business, return to the university on a regular basis so they can guide other entrepreneurs who are just starting out.

They share their hard-won profit making tactics, they explain exactly how to build a saleable asset and they personally introduce them to all of the key industry contacts, including money partners.

In short, they show the new “rising stars” the ropes and guide them along the way. This way they don’t need to repeat the costly mistakes that they had to make along the way to multi-million or billion dollar success.

A Potent Billion Dollar
Business Incubation Environment…

Based on my research I believe that it’s this guidance from experienced business wealth creators that makes Stanford such a potent billion dollar business incubation environment.

And that’s what the Breakthrough Marketing Webinar is about – entrepreneurs that run highly successful businesses revealing exactly how they manage to take home tens of thousands of dollars in pure profit month after month.

The 4 Vital Components of the Business
Blueprint Success System

However as important as the “Stanford Secret” is – and it’s essential if you want to grow a wildly successful business – there are 3 other vital factors you need to have a truly successful Business Blueprint.

When you have all 4 components powering your business forward it’s an immensely powerful system that can boost your business income by up to 700% – and more.

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