Tina Tower
Tina Tower has captured attention with her raw and real approach to building business and her willingness to share failures as well as her successes. Tina is an example of what happens when you define what you want in life and go after it with all you’ve got.

Being driven from a young age, Tina started to invest in property at 18, started her business at 20, got married, had two children and graduated from the University of Sydney. She opened an educational toy store, ran tutoring centres, wrote curriculum and licensed it to teachers around the country and eventually launched her franchise system which she built to over 30 sites. And this was all before her 30th birthday.

Tina has won multiple business awards including the Australian Telstra Young Business Woman of the year as well as being featured on Sky Business, The Huffington Post and The Financial Review.

She now runs a wildly successful online business, continues to travel the world with her family and shares her skills and knowledge with other entrepreneur’s through her online business program Her Empire Builder.