Rosie Pekar was born in Albury, New South Wales, in 1966, the third child of immigrant Ukrainian parents. Rosie’s siblings are much older than her, and she was born into a home of domestic violence, fear and loneliness. Although a naturally friendly, curious and adventurous child she felt abandoned and isolated from a young age, and rebelled at the age of 14 by running away from home.

As she faced an uncertain life on the streets her only philosophy on life was that it involved suffering. So began her exploratory journey to discover life’s meaning. Over the years that followed she married an alcoholic, attempted suicide, and broke-down before she was able to break-through.

At 21 Rosie joined the police force and was exposed to the brutalities, lies and corruption of the criminal world. Eight years later she continued her legal career as a private investigator and security specialist trainer. During this time she also worked as a fitness leader and provided specialist programs to physically and mentally handicapped children and adults.

Today, Rosie is a ‘But-kicker’ – author, motivator and columnist read by more than 60,000 entrepreneurs globally. She travels regularly, delivering seminars and ‘Deliberate Creation’ workshops in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, and the US. Her emergency services role and investigative abilities led her to a KickBut® mind-set that has her thinking on her feet and getting results irrespective of adverse circumstances. These same characteristics transformed her personal life and now serve her well in the global world of business, teaching teams how to create, inspire, serve and lead with passion and a positive perspective over any adversity.

Based on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Rosie is the author of Time to KickBut® and has featured regularly in the media in both Australia and the US.