Peter ElsworthPeter Elsworth was born in Melbourne, Victoria, and spent his childhood growing up in the footsteps of his two elder brothers – so much so that he was even given the hand-me-down nickname of Barney, which has stuck with him for life.

Peter viewed school as a means to an end rather than a desirable place to be. Apart from showing a great enthusiasm for football, cricket and golf, he regarded school as a daily duty and not a stimulating experience. After leaving school, Peter studied a Bachelor of Commerce at university, majoring in economics and accounting. His casual interest in the stock market rapidly transformed into a passion when he realised that learning about stocks meant he could generate income without actually having a job. He had finally found something that rewarded learning.

After completing his degree, he went on to complete his MBA at the University of Melbourne. His end-of-year thesis, Use and Limitations of Published Financial Accounts for Investment Analysis, helped him develop a trading software program.

Today, Peter is the CEO of Traders International Futures Pty Ltd. With a strong bias for teaching clients trading strategies, his organisation also offers the truly unique feature of a live trading room. This room allows clients to log in and follow the US share index futures market in real time. It also includes the input of a professional trader who marks buy and sell signals on live charts. The Traders International motto is ‘do as we do’ – Peter backs his teaching with actions, providing 100 per cent transparency on the results.