Mia FreedmanMia Freedman was born in Sydney in 1971. With a working feminist as a mother, Mia was never confused as to whether she would be a stay-at-home or working mother.

After finishing high school, she lived in Italy for a while before returning home to start a communications degree. Admitting to not being a very good student, Mia participated in work experience at Cleo magazine. After completing just one year of her degree, she dropped out of university and worked in a variety of part-time jobs while still doing work experience with Cleo.

After three or four months, Mia was given the junior role of beauty writer at Cleo. She worked her way up to feature writer but decided to go freelance after being passed over for a promotion. When she was 25, Mia was offered an editorship with Cosmopolitan magazine, a role she held for eight years. After successfully completing over 100 issues and being awarded the Australian Editor of the Year, Mia moved up to become editor-in-chief of Cosmo, Cleo and Dolly.

In 2006 Mia broadened her media career by becoming creative service director at Channel Nine and has recently helped launch The Catch-Up – a smart and entertaining daytime television show for women.

Mia enjoys writing, running, and the sound of her own voice. Her favourite way to spend time is with her family, including her husband and two kids, Luca and Coco.