Lyn SummersLyn Summers was born in Melbourne in 1963. She is the third child of seven born into a strict Jehovah’s Witness family who lived in a tiny three-bedroom housing commission home – located next to a jail. Although her father held a steady job, there was never enough money to clothe and feed nine people, so she and her siblings often lived off custard and apples to fill their hungry bellies.

Lyn left school at 15 and worked as a cashier to help support her family. During this time, she found herself asking the question, ‘Is there more than this?’

At 18 she married and started a cleaning business with her husband. After many years of physically hard physical work, the business became very successful. Lyn’s success meant that she could raise her three children on her dream farm in Queensland.

In 1997, Lyn was diagnosed with cancer. Although she had become asset-rich she lacked the cash flow, and because of her medical condition, the ability to work and , to pay the monthly bills. Through her sickness she realised that things had to change.

Having heard that others were making income from trading the stock market from their lounge rooms, Lyn invested $50,000 in herself – she travelled to the US and learnt how to trade.

Today, Lyn enjoys teaching thousands of people through her international seminars, Educating Tomorrow’s Traders Today, on how to trade the markets and become financially free.